ip cam

ip camip cam

True Plug n Play Security System

Nowhere will you find an easier way to add security cameras to your home or small busienss. Four Wireless IP Cameras and a Wireless NVR plug into your Wifi network for a complete security solution.

Only $1799.99

A Closer Look

ip cam

Plug and Play IP Camera
-Wired or Wireless Connection
-Night Vision for viewing in complete darkness
-Access from anywhere in the world via Internet Explorer
-Access via IPhone/ITouch

Wireless NVR
-Intel Dual Core Atom processor
-1 TB SATA Green Hard Drive
-Nvidia Cuda PureVideo HD
-HDMI/DVI/VGA/Optical Audio
-Built in Wireless Wifi. Also has ethernet port.
-CamView software installed for camera control/ recording.
-Windows 7 Pro. Get all the home networking benefits of Windos 7.

The components of this package carry a 1 to 3 year warranty against manufacturer defects. Wireless connectivity may be affected by various environmental variables at specific locations and we cannot guarantee solid connections in all cases.